Friday, June 7, 2013

Random Password Generator Tool

Sure, there are lots of random password generators out there, but how many of them are integrated with our very feature-rich open source code repository of tools that will help you to code against Active Directory, while also standing alone as a simple quick to use tool for a helpdesk?

Yeah, that's right, only 1 random password generator tool does that.  Get it and its open source code now:


Colin McD said...

Ok, some feedback.

Why do we have a random Difficult password generator?

Why not something more memorable?
6Steadfast!4GiantMidgit then

Is the bottom really more secure then the top? Complex random passwords just seem to end up in postit notes or in notepad....

securology said...


This is an older project that was purpose built for a helpdesk that received password reset calls and needed to create good random passwords.

We agree, if you're randomly generated passwords for yourself, the example you provided that is more memorable would probably be preferred.