Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Lock Kill

Do you have a house/door key lock that you no longer want somebody to have the ability to unlock, but you don't have time to change the locks?  Maybe you're a landlord?  Or maybe you have some hidden purpose, such as forcing door traffic to a different entry to the building?

LockKill has a solution: a specialty key designed to slip in, bypass tumblers long enough to get all the way set, and then sheer off in place, destroying the lock.  It only takes a few seconds.

Warning: the only real way of bringing that lock back from the dead is to replace it.

Watch the review by ITS Tactical:


Anonymous said...

This is reversible if lock is disassembled. 2 part epoxy squirted into keyway mixed with key moving in n out and left to set us permanent.

securology said...


Thanks for sharing.

For the stated purpose of keeping people who can't disassemble the lock from the door, it still appears to work as intended.

Colin McD said...

Isn't this just the old break the key in the lock trick?

It was used in Terminator2 however when breaking a key in a lock you should break it half way. So that the key cannot be turned via pliers or other instrument. If you keep the original key, you can have your own personal lock.

securology said...


This is similar, but the cut in the lock is designed to keep it from being easily pulled back out with lockpicking tools. The video review explains this better.