Friday, May 21, 2010

Verisign Turns Yellow

On the heels of turning PGP corp Yellow, now Verisign is turning Yellow, too. Symantec is acquiring Verisign, too.

These overpriced "security solutions" are going to go from bad to worse. I predict agile startups are going to crush them on their prices, since Symantec's goal is obviously to own the entire market with a one-size-fits-all approach, while some startups and smaller companies will probably better understand their customers' needs.

It's ironic how the PGP (distributed) model once fought strongly against the PKI (hierarchical, centralized) model. But now, thanks to deep pockets at Big Yellow, they'll be wearing the same uniform.

SSL and crypto are now commodities, so where are the commodity prices from PGP Corp, Verisign, and Symantec? Simple: they won't have them on their pricing lists.

I've ranted many times about both companies. PGP tries to sell you goods they admit won't solve the problems they're designed for (the "all bets are off when you lose physical control of the device" excuse). And Verisign tries to double-dip on premium "Extended Validation" SSL certs, ignoring their culpability in Certificate Authorities granting SSL certificates to frauds and phishers-- they want you to pay extra for their mistakes.

Do us all a favor and use open source or support their competitors who have true commodity prices.

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