Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sending Bobby Tables to the Moon

NASA has a program where you can send your name to the moon. Just give them your name, they'll store it electronically, and send it on the next lunar rover to be left there forever.

Now, little Bobby Tables will be immortalized forever on the moon.


Ax0n said...

Is it bad that when I read the headline in Google Reader, I knew there'd be an xkcd reference?

securology said...

Hi ax0n,

Nah ... it's not bad. ;)

Noah said...

So, were you half-wishing for an SQL error when you sent little Bobby Tables to the moon?

securology said...

Well, Noah, I was curious what might happen. Good thing it was Johns Hopkins web app and not NASA's. I wouldn't have wanted the house call that would have gone with screen shot. ;)